DIY Mer Crown

Though I write about wicked mermaids that terrorize you while bathing, I still love beautiful sparkly mer. I grew up with Ariel and still know every song from The Little Mermaid by heart. So of course, when I saw these gorgeous mermaid crowns floating around Instagram, I had to make one! And since it was incredibly fun, I thought I’d share the directions with you, so you can have your very own mer crown! And yes, that’s me in the pic below, dreaming of under the sea.


1.      Dollar / Party Store Tiara  

Note: If you’re adding a lot of shells, use a metal tiara as the plastic ones can crack easily.

2.      Pipe Cleaners

Any kind work, but the metallic silver or gold ones, make for a nice base.

3.      Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue

I prefer the hot glue gun because I’m incredibly impatient. You can use super glue, but you will have to hold each shell in place and wait for them to dry before moving on to the next.

4.      Thing a ma bobs, Whoozits and Whatzits Galore

You’ll need to collect a lot of treasure to fill out your crown base. I live on an island, so I dove into my shell and sea glass collection. You can also find shells at the dollar store. Beads and old jewelry are great too. The green sparkly piece on my crown is from a ring!




Sea Glass






1.      Wrap your tiara tightly with pipe cleaners. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP otherwise your thingamabobs won’t have a strong bond. Tack down any loose pieces of pipe cleaner or trim them off before you start gluing.

2.      Lay out your materials. You may want to create a color scheme with your shells and gems and plan out your center piece before you bring out the glue gun.

3.      Once ready, plug in your glue gun. When it’s heated start by fastening the biggest shells first. You want to glue from the center, building the middle of your crown, and starting with the biggest shell or jewel piece and work toward the outer edges.

 The crown can get heavy, so if you’re using a plastic tiara base be careful it doesn’t crack. I rested mine over my knee, so I could work on both sides without having to move it too much. If you do this, be sure to wear old pants and be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue.

4.      Once all your shells and jewel pieces are secured with glue, embellish with beads to fill in the cracks. I just filled the cracks with a bit of hot glue and then sprinkled in beads. For the larger cracks, I used tiny shells and bits of chain from old costume jewelry.


 That’s it! You’re ready for the next lagoon party!

If you make a mer crown, send me your pics. I would love to see your dazzling creation!