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ISLE OF WOLVES Tiffany Daune.png



Two hunters sworn to protect the isle

Sworn to protect their love

One fateful sacrifice to the gods

Destroys it all

Inspired by Ukrainian folklore and modern magic.

Seventeen-year-old Mila Kozlova looked forward to an epic summer of hunting the beasts prowling on the island. But when her mom drove off a bridge, ending up in a coma, and her father committed a crime against magic betraying the isle, no one wanted a traitor near them, especially her hunting squad.


Banished to the fringe, Mila has nowhere to turn. That is until the mysterious new hunter in town offers to heal her mother using alternative magic. But trusting outsiders is dangerous and this kind of dark spell comes at a great price. One she doesn’t know how to afford until her ex Valentyn Alexandrov, the same boy who broke her heart and yet, still makes her come undone with just one glance, suggests a risky proposal—turn her spell casting skills into a lucrative business.


With the Institute watching her every move, the last thing she needs is more trouble, not to mention she swore she'd never see Valentyn again, but she’ll do anything to save her mom. But Mila’s life grows more complicated when she receives a series of mysterious texts from a blocked number. Someone doesn't like her near Valentyn. 


The ghosts from her past are catching up with her. The texter knows too much, including all the dirty details of a book involving the hunter’s secrets and hers. The book burned. At least, she thought it had. And when the texts turn to threats, she must find out who's sending the cryptic messages before they uncover the ugly truth. 


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