Serial Fiction

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What could be worse than tutoring your ex? Committing a crime with him. 


Senior year should have been epic. But when her father was arrested and her mom drove off a bridge, ending up in a coma, Molly Bright’s dream of the perfect year vanished. Without medical insurance and a ton of debt building Molly has nowhere to turn. That is until the star quarterback, Jaxon Hardy, who also happens to be her ex, suggests a risky proposal—use her chemistry skills to make ecstasy for the next big party. It’s totally illegal and if she gets caught she could wind up in a cell like her dad, but then again, what does she have left to lose?  


But Molly’s life grows more complicated when she receives a series of mysterious texts from a blocked number. The ghosts of her past are catching up to her. The texter knows too much; including all the dirty details of a book, involving her friend’s secrets—and hers. The book should have burned last summer… at least she thought it had. And when the texts turn to threats, she must find out who’s sending the cryptic messages before they uncover the ugly truth.   


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A Marked girl trapped in a deadly game

An angel entangled in a pact with the devil

And one willing to sacrifice it all for love.

Who will survive when three fates collide?


© 2020 Tiffany Daune