the siren chronicles

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Unleash the Magick

Halen tried to tame the sparks beneath her fingertips. She’s fought her entire life to hide the destructive force that rises with her emotions. But when she returns to Rockaway Beach where she witnessed her father drown the sparks turn deadly. And when faced with the threat of hunters who want to destroy her and those who want to harness her power to vanquish a malevolent demon and his mermaid coven, she must decide who to trust and when to run. Only the lines are not so clear when she encounters a mysterious boy who calls to her rising sparks drawing her into his chaotic underwater world—a realm filled with darker secrets than her own.


Made popular on the reading platform Wattpad, Coral and Bone is the Watty award winning first book in a paranormal trilogy The Siren Chronicles by Tiffany Daune. 

A thrilling young adult urban fantasy with an original twist on the supernatural. Fans of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia will love this paranormal world filled with captivating shapeshifters, dragons, siren hunters, evil mermaids, and dark magic.

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CURSES AND ASH Digital Cover.png

Lies Run Deep 


Halen didn’t ask for the life of an assassin, but when facing a sinister demon, her magick chose for her—destroy the enemy or face the same solemn fate of the sirens who failed before her. But when Halen stopped one demon heart, she unknowingly unleashed a dark power—a force greater than her own. Now with a curse unleashed, she must race against time and find the sorceress who can purge this evil before the siren hunters and shifters discover her deadly secret. 


Curses and Ash is the mesmerizing sequel to Coral and Bone. 

Smoke and Ruin Front Cover.png

Darkness is Calling


Separated from the ones she loves and bound to an unconscious guardian Halen must protect the water stone alone with the siren hunters hot on her heels. But as her supply of elixir diminishes, it grows harder to fight the darkness calling to her magick. Now more than ever she must find the strength to resist its hunger, for a cunning enemy is waiting for her to fail. A monster who wants it all.

The water stone.

Her heart.

And her power.


Join Halen in the final fight for the Realms in the heart stopping conclusion to The Siren Chronicles.