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Her destiny is her greatest fear.

Seventeen-year-old Halen Windspeare will do anything to extinguish the flames that spark beneath her fingertips. But, returning to the place where she witnessed her father drown forces the fire to ignite. Refusing to release the rage that burns within her, Halen’s hell bent on fighting the fire. 


But when she encounters a breathtaking stranger from the ocean depths, everything changes.


As Halen is thrust into Dax's underwater world, she discovers the hidden truth of her destiny. However, what is expected of her may be more than she can endure. Now, Halen's forced to fight the rage within her to control the magick that burns inside. But when a vindictive demon has other plans for her, Halen must determine who she can trust in this new and dangerous world. Can Halen sift through the web of lies and accept her fate before her enemies destroy them all?

"An engrossing tale with a clever twist on mermaids and the paranormal world!"

-Becky Wallace Author of the Keeper's Chronicle




When the rage within threatens to destroy everything... 


As if firestarter wasn't bad enough, adding "assassin" to her resume isn't exactly the teenage life Halen Windspeare always imagined. Facing a sinister demon, Halen must unleash her power to vanquish the enemy determined to destroy her. 


But locating the sorceress who can purge the evil within her may be harder than she ever realized… 


As Halen and Dax dodge the siren Hunters, she uncovers secrets that define her destiny once and for all. Now, it's up to her to save those she loves before time runs out. Will Halen right her wrongs before it's too late?



When darkness calls, she cannot answer...


Isolated and alone, Halen Windspeare is in over her head. Sacrificing her soul to save the realms, she must now protect the water stone. But the siren hunters won’t relent until she is finally annihilated. Hellbent on refusing to succumb to the darkness, Halen rations her elixir, but time and supplies are running scarce. 


With her enemies hot on her heels, her resistance wanes. Her evil powers are growing but taking down her dangerous captor is all that matters. For once and for all, she’s determined to end the demon who’s ready to destroy her. Will she fight the darkness that tempts her soul or will she finally defeat the evil enemy who threatens her

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Unleash the Magic


Discover the complete trilogy in one special edition with exclusive artwork.



Coral and Bone 

Curses and Ash

Smoke and Ruin

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